Supraloan – free loan up to PLN 3,000!

 Do you have unplanned expenses or are struggling with temporary financial problems? Take advantage of the special Supraloan promotional offer – payday payday up to PLN 3,000 over a repayment period of up to 30 days absolutely free! All you have to do is fill out a simple application and the money will go straight to your account. 

Supraloan is a newly created company which, based on observations of its competitors, has created an attractive offer for loan market consumers. As part of it, customers can apply for a quick online loan of PLN 4,000.

Who can take advantage of the Supraloan promotional offer?

Who can take advantage of the Supraloan promotional offer?

Instant cash up to PLN 3,000 with the APRC 0% is a chance to inject cash without worrying about the amount of interest for 30 days. Instant loans at Supraloan are the perfect solution for unexpected expenses and sudden financial problems. Applying for a loan is done online and the waiting time for funds transfer to your account is just a few minutes.

People who:

  • have Polish citizenship and live in the country,
  • they are between 21 and 65 years old,
  • created a profile on and completed a loan application,
  • they do not have entries in the register of debtors.

How to borrow for free at Supraloan?

How to borrow for free at Supraloan?

Taking a loan for free at is simple and intuitive. New customers must register on the website and create a User Account that will be active at the time of submitting the loan application. When completing the online form, the borrower must provide basic personal data.

It is also necessary to specify the amounts and sources of income held and provide information on other financial liabilities held. After verifying the data by the kontomatik service and selecting the loan parameters, all you have to do is send an application. After accepting the application, the money will be transferred to the borrower’s account.

Supraloan offer for regular customers

Immediately after paying off your first loan at, you can apply for another one. The offer for regular customers is much wider. With the fifth loan, they can apply for a maximum commitment amount, i.e. payday payday, up to PLN 5,000 for 90 days. The larger the amount, the lower the APRC. Check the offer and borrow today!


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