The repurchase of credit and regrouping of credit of real estate for owner | Loan consolidation

Credit buyback is an operation that has become a common feature of French households. The main effect of credit restructuring is to reduce the amount of monthly payments. Today with historically low interest rates, real estate pooling can also reduce the total cost of borrowed money.

Benefits of redeeming homeowner credit

Benefits of redeeming homeowner credit

The purchase of credit for owner with several advantages according to the situations encountered customers. All the more for the banks, it presents much less risk of unpaid as the repurchase of credits dedicated to the tenants. The homeowner borrowers would honor their claim more than the subscribers who rent their homes and rent them free of charge.

The grouping of credit for owner makes it possible to group all the consumer credits in order to reduce the amount of the monthly payments up to -60%. This allows those who are homeowners to reduce their debt ratio and improve the management of their budget. While maintaining their real estate credit!

One of its benefits is that it is possible to pedrolinor any work or other project by keeping a monthly charge of credit to be reimbursed for your repayment ability. While taking into account in household indebtedness the charge of real estate credit kept insurance (s) included (s). The purchase of consumer credit for homeowners is 180 months maximum in terms of depreciation period. And a fixed interest rate of 3.95% for the best offer of the moment.

The grouping of real estate loans

The grouping of real estate loans

The real estate loan consolidation has many advantages. First, it allows to obtain a better fixed interest rate. It is possible to group several real estate loans into one. Also, consumer loans, and bank overdrafts can be funded in the Real Estate Mortgage Consolidation Plan.

The grouping of mortgage loans is the advantage of having only one monthly payment to manage. The fall of a single interest rate, and the purchase of consumer credit at a real estate rate significantly reduces the cost of credit. The total cost of the credit decreased to more than 40 000 €! And even though classic deposit banks refuse to renegotiate only your mortgage!

Interest rates are very attractive. For a repayment term less than or equal to 15 years, the best interest rate is 1.70%. For depreciation periods of fifteen to twenty-five years, the best interest rate is 2.05%. Then, from twenty five years to thirty five years of amortization, the interest rate is 2.55%.

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