A loan with Good Credit is the typical financing model based on personal creditworthiness and property security when buying a vehicle. The real owner and registered owner is the vehicle owner.

To additionally secure vehicle financing, the registration certificate part 2, popularly Good Credit, first goes to the bank’s vault. The holder of the vehicle receives the certificate only when the loan has been paid off.

Credit with the Good Credit – classic vehicle financing


Buying a vehicle is the most common reason for getting a letter with a car. Good cars are expensive. Without financing, only a few people could afford their dream vehicle. When buying a vehicle, the average financing amount is between 60 and 90 percent of the purchase price. The average credit rating of a car buyer is not enough to secure high loan amounts.

In addition to the good creditworthiness of the borrower, the real value of the vehicle also guarantees the loan. It makes sense to keep the vehicle registration document in a safe, to prevent undesired recycling of the vehicle. A classic example of protecting one’s own claim would be protection against attachment by other creditors. In addition, the keeper may not sell the vehicle in a legally binding manner. Without the registration certificate part two, the buyer could not be registered as a keeper.

In practice, there is hardly any restriction for the vehicle owner due to the loan with a vehicle letter. He cannot sell or lend the vehicle in a legally secure manner without the bank’s consent. Most vehicle owners don’t want that anyway. However, he is free to sell as long as the loan is repaid from the sales amount or other sources. In contrast to car leasing, the owner is the owner. Apart from the restrictions mentioned, he can freely dispose of his property.

Car loan with a car letter – not only for car dealers

Car loan with a car letter - not only for car dealers

Bargain hunters don’t just look at the interest on their car loan, they evaluate the total cost of buying a car. Lower purchase prices for cash payers can even make the famous zero percent financing for buying a new car a symbolic air booking. Between 20 and 30 percent of the purchase price can be negotiated in the dealership if the money is on the table in cash.

Given today’s low average interest rates, auto financing is always an example. In many cases, dealer financing would have to take much longer than the zero percent can be agreed so that the financing purchase pays off. When financing vehicle purchases via the free credit market, buyers are not only dependent on personal creditworthiness for lending.

The loan with Good Credit is offered via the loan comparison as well as with the loan through the bank of the dealer. Even the balloon loan, a popular form of financing to lower the rate, can be found on the free capital market. A good loan comparison calculator also shows the lowest interest desired financing for car loans. It would only have to be set in the loan comparison calculator for vehicle financing, so that the offers come out.

Overdraft debt – Good Credit creates creditworthiness

Overdraft debt - Good Credit creates creditworthiness

The overdraft facility is an expensive annoyance, but it cannot always be prevented. However, personal creditworthiness does not always support the desire for overdraft rescheduling with the lowest effective interest rates. In order to reschedule really low-interest debt, the loan with property security can make the crucial difference between increased interest and cheaper financing. In addition to life insurance, the Good Credit letter of the paid car is considered a safe starting point to lower interest rates.

The procedure corresponds exactly to the procedure, as is also common when financing a car purchase via the free credit market. The holder would first apply for the loan using the loan comparison calculator. The vehicle is specified in the Collateral section. In most cases, it is sufficient for a credit check to submit a photocopy of the registration certificate 2. It is used to determine the value of the vehicle using, for example, the shaking list.

The bank will only request the motor vehicle letter once the loan approval has been granted. In the event of problems, for example if the balloon rate were not refinanced, it is not only banks that offer the loan with Good Credit. In the case of a loan from private to private, the vehicle can also be brought in as a credit-securing real asset.

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