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Who are the debt healers, and how they work – know their advantages and how they can help you. Settle your debt and access new services!

A debt healer is a financial services provider, which helps its users to settle overdue debt with great discounts, in order to improve their credit history, to obtain new financial products and services, and to avoid annoying ones. Continuous calls from banks and lenders.


How do debt healers operate?

debt healers

When a user arrives with a debt healer, the company negotiates with the service provider to which the user owes money, and buys his debt. That is, the healer pays the lender / bank, a fraction of the total amount of the debt; afterwards, the debt healer charges the client a slightly higher amount, than they paid for the debt.

For example:
Juanito owes $ 50,000 pesos to the bank. The debt healer speaks talks with the bank to buy that debt. Since the bank has been trying to collect it for months, it decides that it is best sold to the healer, and he forgets that “problem.” They reach an agreement between the debt healer and the bank, and sell the debt at $ 10,000 pesos. Then, the debt healer goes with Juan, and offers to settle his debt, paying only $ 12,000 pesos. At this time, the bank made a profit, the healer made a profit, and Juan made a profit.



Characteristics of a personal loan

Characteristics of a personal loan

  • It can be granted to any individual with or without a deposit account with the bank.
  • The purpose of the loan is specifically to pay debts with financial institutions. Money never passes through the creditor’s hands.
  • Generally, this service is granted to people with debts greater than $ 30,000 pesos.
  • Generally, the payment can be made in 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 monthly payments, depending on the amount of the debt, and the characteristics of the applicant.


Advantages of healing a debt

Advantages of healing a debt

  • Telephone calls and emails from banks and lenders to try to collect are terminated.
  • Both the credit bureau, and the credit circle, change your status from “debtor” to “current”, which generates a significant improvement in the user’s credit history, giving you the possibility of accessing new services and financial products.
  • Some debt healers provide other financial services to users (such as credit cards or loans), at the time they make their payment.


Requirements to request to heal a debt

debt heal

In the case of debt healers, the requirements are usually totally different from those requested when acquiring a personal loan or a credit card, since in this case, the main requirement is that the client has a debt. An important point is that the service provider will try to ensure that the applicant has the necessary income / capital to pay off the debt. As for the documentation that is required, most debt healers request:

  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of minimum income (payroll receipts)

When submitting an application with a debt healer, the process will take about 24 business hours to know if you are eligible, and about 5 business days to formalize and complete the process.


Recommendations when acquiring a personal loan

personal loan

  • 1. It is important to take into account that if the user does not pay the debt healer after having made a sane, his credit history will be doubly stained, since the debt he previously had with the financial institution will appear, and the debt he has now With the debt healer. This does not mean that the user has 2 debts, but 2 debts will appear in the credit history.
  • 2. As with any financial product or service, we recommend that you read the contract very well before signing it, so that you are aware of your obligations when purchasing the service, and your rights as a creditor of the service.
  • 3. It is important that before making any decision, you are aware of what you are acquiring, and make sure you have the necessary resources to pay for the service.

Debt healers are a relatively new industry in Colombia, which is growing rapidly, since they are the only service that supports people who are negatively reported in the bureau and credit circle, and that works so that users can resume a life sound financial

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